HFS EM4200 Securyt

The reader with capacitive keypad and frameless display.

HFS EM4200 Securyt: the name says it all. The reader with a frequency of 125 kHz and an EM4200 transponder is the ideal choice for low-frequency system requirements. You also need a reader that tolerates environments—such as water, wood, textiles or aluminum—well? That has a high-quality finish? And is economical to boot? Then the HFS EM4200 Securyt is your reader. With user-friendly, capacitive keypad; for connection to all sesamsec and comlock controls.

Build on the high standard made in Germany: with the HFS EM4200 Securyt. This contactless reader unit can be connected to the sesamsec ISE controllers or to devices with comlock interface. Additional flexibility is provided by the two feedback options for access authorization: visually via integrated duo LED (green/red), or acoustically via a piezo sound generator. Another plus is that all colors and the piezo can be conveniently controlled by the customer.

And even against external influences, such as dirt, cleaning agents or disinfectants, your reader is optimally protected. This is ensured by the high-quality surface—consisting of robust toughened safety glass (ESG)—with user-friendly, capacitive keypad and integrated RFID reader. An added plus for comfort: the illumination of the keypad. It is controlled by input and twilight sensors, optionally either only during direct operation or in continuous operation. The device is conveniently mounted on UP55 sockets; the connection is made via a connector strip.

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Your advantages at a glance

Top quality: made in Germany

High-quality surface of toughened safety glass (ESG)

Frameless reader for indoor mounting

Product features

Product features

User-friendly, capacitive glass keyboard

Pre-installed interfaces: sesamsec and comlock

Frequency 125 kHz and transponder EM4200

Visual signaling with duo LED (red/green), as well as acoustic signaling

Dimension: 90 x 90 x 25 mm

For indoor mounting on UP55 box

12 V DC operating voltage

Product family

HFS EM4200 A reader of our proven HFS product family.

A good solution for sure: you need a solid reader for a low-frequency application? Then this 125 kHz reader can be an economical option for you. Moreover, it offers you a lot of flexibility: besides being suitable to be operated on sesamsec controllers, the 125 kHz EM4200 reader is also compatible for devices with comlock interface (Telenot).

Pictures & Videos

Pictures & Videos

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Downloads Connection options

Connection options for HFS EM4200 Securyt, with capacitive keypad and frameless display; for indoor mounting

For operation on sesamsec evaluation units

Optional operation on comlock interface

Part numbers

Part numbers

We want your reader to fit perfectly into your existing system landscape. Do you have any questions on this topic? Our sales team is always ready to provide you with competent support.

The firmware installed during production determines which interface and which required protocol the individual reader uses and thus which system it can be operated on. Therefore, please pay attention to the correct article number when ordering. It is also possible to update the firmware of the reader and thus, among other things, the interface used in the field. This is possible via the RS485 interface of the reader with an associated PC tool after the reader has been set to configuration mode using the RSC security card.
An explanation about the composition of the part numbers can be found on this page in the "Downloads" section.

HFS EM4200 Securyt with keypad, frameless

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