Control access across buildings with ISE+, as a configurable access control system and/or switching device for intrusion detection technology.

The benefit for your building security: with our ISE+ control system, you have control over the access-authorized persons of your company across locations. As an individually configurable access control system and/or switching device for intrusion detection technology, it can be connected with up to two sesamsec or comlock reader units.

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Top quality: made in Germany

Flexible software solutions

Optimal integration capability into existing systems

Product features

Product features

A maximum of 2 readers can be connected per ISE+.

3,000 keys/codes programmable

255 time models, any number of time zones

Real-time clock with power reserve of about 7-8 days

Connection to up to 63 ISE+ controllers

Dimension board: 227 x 145 x 29 mm

Power supply 12 V DC (+/- 15%)

VdS class C approval as switching device for burglar alarm systems

Master/slave mode for combining two controllers to double the inputs and outputs

Product family

ISE+ controls The extra layer of security: thanks to ISE+ controls, you can achieve multi-site access monitoring.

Our ISE+ control: your advantage in bundled power. An integrated RS232 interface ensures optimum communication between your systems for configuration and data synchronization. In combination with an ISE-NET controller as RS485 master, it can work with up to 62 ISE+ controllers.

ISE+ devices are suitable for applications in which the administration is carried out individually at the controllers by the installer operation if required, or the devices operate as participants of a previously described RS485 network. The functions as switching device and access control are identical for ISE-NET and ISE+.

Pictures & Videos

Pictures & Videos

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Downloads Reader connection options

Reader connection options

Connectable readers: sesamsec/comlock

For stand-alone programming: RS232

For control networking: RS485

Part numbers

Part numbers

ISE+ in housing
ISE+ module without housing
ISE+ module for installation in VdS-ZK power supply unit

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