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What is a sesamsec reader option?

sesamsec RFID devices can be delivered in different configurations that support more or fewer transponder technologies. Depending on the device (i.e. single- or multi-frequency reader, NXP or LEGIC frontend), a standard configuration can usually support more than 60 RFID technologies, like MIFARE Classic or LEGIC Advant. In addition, a reader can also be delivered ex-works with further sesamsec own options, also called functional extensions. Thanks to these options, the reader can support additional RFID technologies, like illustrated below.

sesamsec reader options


Depending on the installed firmware version* and sesamsec options, your device can support a wide range of RFID technologies. Please refer to the relevant sesamsec transponder matrix below for detailed information about the RFID technologies supported by your device.

* The firmware version installed ex-works on your device is displayed in the firmware string, under the bar code, on the product label.

Version Download
Firmware Version 4.80 PDF | 171.04 KB
Firmware Version 4.72 PDF | 170.6 KB
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