Our identification media. Quality is the key.

We combine great choice with high user comfort.

Identification media are the tangible part of any access solution. They are picked up several times a day. When checking in, checking out, or entering special areas within a building. This is where quality counts. sesamsec delivers with a variety of high-performance cards and transponder keys that are processed to a high standard. Especially when encrypting card technologies, this is important because cheap transponders quickly lead to problems. Poor reading distances, worn optics after a very short time: this is not only annoying for the users but also a security risk. In this area, we work with the leading German manufacturer and guarantee consistently high quality at fair prices.

You want an individual look? For example, cards and transponder keys with a printed logo, a specific motif or an engraving? We will be happy to make you an offer!

See what is possible?

You want an access solution that is specially tailored to your project. This also applies to the identification media, whether cards or transponder keys. sesamsec is the right partner for you. As a total solution provider, we always look at the big picture: i.e., the system within which our media are used. Choose the combination you want from various technologies, frequency types and media. Not quite sure what's best yet? Our sales colleagues have a recommendation. And they bring the accumulated experience from many successful projects to the table.

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