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Unlock the power of professional access control systems through the cutting-edge door controller Secpass. The Secpass door controller as a decentralized access control center can identify individuals and verify authorization. It is fully integrated into our comprehensive sesamsec cloud system, allowing for a seamless and streamlined access control experience.

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Simple mounting due to DIN rail housing

2 RS485 reader channels (OSDP), 8 Inputs, 4 Outputs in the basic configuration to control 1 to 4 doors

Modular concept with up to 4 extension modules to control up to 20 doors

Product features

Product features

Direct secure network communication

More than 1.000 profiles, up to 250.000 badges, more than 1.000.000 events

Remote monitoring, diagnosis and updates

Sabotage detection and notification

Touch Display for local diagnostic purposes with power saving mode

Multiple LEDs for quick and easy status display and diagnostics

Pictures & Videos

Pictures & Videos

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