The software makes the solution.

Get off to a successful start with the adaptable sesamsec software.

The software is the heart of every sesamsec solution. It is the intelligence in the background that makes many things possible. For example, the elegant integration of our products into higher-level systems or the interoperability with components from other manufacturers. Thanks to our software, your access control solution will continue to evolve and grow with your needs. Invest in a secure future—and in a system that is 100% satisfactory in terms of Total Cost of Ownership.

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SecoTool for readers On your mark. Done. Configured.

The configuration tool that runs everything right from the start: reading and writing cards, adjusting formats, specifying output formats (f. ex. decimal/hexadecimal) and the associated output protocols. Select the supported transponders to suit your application, manage the card memory, and decide how user feedback should be provided—via visual or acoustic signal. Updates (about two to three per year) are also included. In order to continuously improve our solutions for readers, we ask for your feedback via the Feature Request. Don’t worry: only necessary information is transmitted to us. You are autonomous at all times, and all internal data (keys) remain with you.

Configure everything on the fly and exactly how you want it for your new solution. Our SecoTool offers you three options that build on each other. You will receive the results in file form (image). You want to get a better picture? Visit our support area to find the documentation.

Options at a glance:

  1. Finished firmware file/standard configuration (Program Firmware Image).
  2. Configurable firmware (Configurable Project)

For special requirements such as special output formats, Wiegand, support is always on hand to help.

With Option 1, you can get started right away according to the Plug & Play principle. Option 2 is based on Option 1 but includes additional, customizable components. Option 2 is the right choice if you want to adapt features to your individual needs. For example, because your environment is very complex. Whatever you choose, version control lets you see exactly which parameters you are working with.

Empower Your Access Control System with Secustos and the Seco App Advantage Experience Unparalleled Convenience and Flexibility

Welcome to Secustos, where advanced access control meets unparalleled convenience. Experience the power of our Secustos reader and immerse yourself in the world of our cutting-edge "Seco App." Are you ready to explore a new realm of effortless reader configuration? Let us guide you through the features of Seco App and its interaction with the mighty SecoTool software.

Introducing the Seco App, a smartphone application designed exclusively for Android users to establish contactless communication with all Secustos readers. With Secustos, you don't need to connect the reader to a controller. Simply plug it into a power supply and let the magic begin. Our Seco App is meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of installers, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

When it comes to simplicity and time-saving, Seco App reigns supreme. With the app, installers can effortlessly set the reader's address, thanks to the pre-configured settings that are determined in collaboration with our large customers prior to delivery. This streamlined process significantly simplifies on-site installations, allowing installers to focus on what matters most.

But that's not all. We understand that flexibility is key, which is why we introduce you to the mighty SecoTool software. The SecoTool empowers you to make extensive changes and fine-tune reader properties as per your project requirements. It's the perfect tool to unleash the full potential of our readers and adapt them precisely to your unique needs.

This innovative combination of a powerful tool and a user-friendly app sets us apart from the competition. Our customers are thrilled with the endless possibilities this dynamic duo offers. Embrace the convenience, flexibility, and efficiency that Secustos brings to the table.

Illustration Secoapp

Essential Features for Reader Installers

Now, let's delve into the specific functionalities of the Seco App. Here are some key features that our reader installers can take advantage of:

  1. Network Address Bandwidth Setting: Seamlessly configure the network address bandwidth to ensure optimal communication between the reader and the system.
  2. Terminating Resistors for RS-485 (OSDP) Operation: Fine-tune the terminating resistors to enhance the performance of RS-485 (OSDP) operations, ensuring smooth and reliable data transmission.

Seco App empowers you to make these initial basic settings effortlessly, providing you with a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. Experience the convenience of Secustos and unlock a new level of reader configuration.

Are you ready to embrace the future of access control? Discover the possibilities with Secustos and experience the seamless integration of technology and convenience.

Everything under control! The mobile installation wizard. Simplifying Installation and Preconfiguration of the door controller

Who should get access? For what? And when? With our user-friendly configuration software, it’s all up to you. The Secpass Installer App serves as your indispensable starter tool, simplifying the installation process and granting you full control over your access control system. Its intuitive interface and useful features make configuring the door controller a breeze, empowering you to create a secure and efficient environment for your premises. Whether you're at the construction site or in the comfort of your company, the Secpass Installer App streamlines the setup process. First, the app guides you through the basic configuration, allowing you to set the date, time, and other essential parameters. By effortlessly configuring the address, the door controller seamlessly connects to the powerful backend infrastructure. This initial step sets the foundation for an efficient access control system.

Leveraging the power of our innovative sesamsec cloud solution, you can delve into detailed configuration options. Create and manage badges, define user profiles, and unleash the full potential of the Secpass door controller. The cloud solution acts as a centralized hub for customization and offers a range of advanced functionalities to meet your unique access control needs.

Illustration Tablet with App

Effortless Access Control Setup

Specifically tailored to Android devices, the Secpass Installer App empowers installers with a suite of functions designed to optimize initial quick door controller configuration:

  1. Basic Configuration: Seamlessly set up crucial parameters such as date, time, and more, ensuring the door controller operates flawlessly within your environment.
  2. Network Configuration: Effortlessly configure network settings, enabling seamless connectivity between the door controller and your infrastructure.
  3. Seamless Backend Integration: Enter the necessary credentials in the app, enabling the door controller to securely log into the powerful sesamsec cloud backend, where comprehensive access control management awaits.
  4. Access Control Point and Relay Programming: Define and program access control points and relay control, empowering you to tailor door opening mechanisms according to your specific requirements.
  5. Controller Input Configuration: Efficiently configure controller inputs, providing real-time monitoring of doors and enhancing security measures.

Ready to take your access control system to new heights? Dive deeper into the Secpass door controller and unlock possibilities with the Secpass cloud solutions. Experience the future of seamless access control today.

You want customizations and changes? No problem!

General conditions change—continuously and sometimes unpredictably. Whether software updates, function upgrades or individual changes: with sesamsec, you remain completely flexible. Because it is your solution. You also decide how you want to make the changes. On your own or with us. On-site, on the phone or remotely. The main thing is that it works! And in the way you want it to work.

Your situation is more complex?

Then we simply develop a special solution for you. Tell us about your project—we will surely find the software and mobile application that solves your problem: e.g., using BLE, NFC or HCE. But platform-specific middleware application development (Windows, Linux, mobile and others) and apps are also part of it. Let’s tackle it! Together we can solve the Gordian knot.

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