The software makes the solution.

Get off to a successful start with the adaptable sesamsec software.

The software is the heart of every sesamsec solution. It is the intelligence in the background that makes many things possible. For example, the elegant integration of our products into higher-level systems or the interoperability with components from other manufacturers. Thanks to our software, your access control solution will continue to evolve and grow with your needs. Invest in a secure future—and in a system that is 100% satisfactory in terms of Total Cost of Ownership.

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On your mark. Done. Configured. Appblaster tool for readers

The configuration module that runs everything right from the start: reading and writing cards, adjusting formats, specifying output formats (decimal/hexadecimal) and the associated output protocols. Choose your favorites from the supported transponders, manage the card memory, and decide how user feedback should be provided—via visual or acoustic signal. Updates (about two to three per year) are also included. In order to continuously improve our solutions for readers, we ask for your feedback via the Feature Request. Don’t worry: only necessary information is transmitted to us. You are autonomous at all times, and all internal data (keys) remain with you.

Configure everything on the fly and exactly how you want it for your new solution. Our AppBlaster offers you three options that build on each other. You will receive the results in file form (image). You want to get a better picture? Visit our support area to find the documentation.

Options at a glance:

  1. Finished firmware file/standard configuration (Program Firmware Image).
  2. Configurable firmware (Configurable Project)
  3. Custom application (Source Code Project)

With Option 1, you can get started right away according to the Plug & Play principle. Option 2 is based on Option 1 but includes additional, customizable components. Option 3 is the right choice if you want to adapt numerous features to your individual needs. For example, because your environment is very complex. Whatever you choose, version control lets you see exactly which parameters you are working with

Everything under control! At any time and individually. Software for controls

Who should get access? For what? And when? With our user-friendly configuration software for the various ISE systems, it’s all up to you. Simply configure and administer the respective controls the best way for you—with differentiated authorizations, time zone control and much more. Just the way you need it. Very simple. Intuitive. Very secure.

The software includes many different tools that allow the optimal use for each application. All built from the experience we have gained in numerous projects with our customers.


Our tried and tested management and configuration software for programming and locking organization of sesamsec ISE+ and ISENet systems in standalone or network operation (depending on the size and complexity of your organization). The complete system configuration is stored in a Firebird database and is thus protected against data loss in case of hardware failure. This makes it possible to replace components or expand the system with little effort. Assign access rights as required, enter master data, and select calendar and time functions according to your needs—a total of 255 time models are available.


Everything is visible with an online module that displays the status of connected controllers. Check alarms and door statuses and forward messages or alarms directly. You can remotely switch any output relay via software.


Who’s there? The online module for attendance control, in full-screen or kiosk mode. As soon as someone comes or goes, the display is updated. Prerequisite: installation of at least two readers (coming/going).


The “Time Recording” module is a simple program for recording working hours and employee attendance—including date, time, time balance and much more. Prerequisite: installation of at least two readers (coming/going).


Ensure that no unauthorized persons enter areas not intended for them using a companion’s authorization with the online module for anti-passback functions. A user must leave an area before he is allowed to enter it again. Prerequisite: installation of at least two readers (come/go).


Automatic arming when the last person has left an area, or the automatic triggering of events as soon as a certain number of people are present: SesSharp is ideal for tasks like these. The program runs as a service. When the switching threshold is reached, an output relay on a selectable ISE+/Net is triggered for a few seconds.


With the sesamsec management program, you can optimize and manage your access control solution as an administrator. Designed for programming and locking organization of sesamsec ISE-Light, ISE-BA and ISE-Multi systems in standalone or network operation. Includes a license for the time recording SES-TIME/D.

You want customizations and changes? No problem!

General conditions change—continuously and sometimes unpredictably. Whether software updates, function upgrades or individual changes: with sesamsec, you remain completely flexible. Because it is your solution. You also decide how you want to make the changes. On your own or with us. On-site, on the phone or remotely. The main thing is that it works! And in the way you want it to work.

Your situation is more complex?

Then we simply develop a special solution for you. Tell us about your project—we will surely find the software and mobile application that solves your problem: e.g., using BLE, NFC or HCE. But platform-specific middleware application development (Windows, Linux, mobile and others) and apps are also part of it. Let’s tackle it! Together we can solve the Gordian knot.

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