The new Secustos family of access control readers embeds RFID, NFC and BLE technologies within an appealing, flat housing for versatile and easy integration into almost any physical access application.

Modern design combined with versatile application – Secustos wall readers offer an exceptionally flat design made of high-quality glass and metal, which even defies wind and weather. In the bright silver or gray finish, Secustos blends in perfectly into your environment. All readers are equipped with powerful and flexible technologies. Almost all known LF and HF contactless technologies in the 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz frequencies are processed. In addition, OSDP and Wiegand are available as interfaces. This makes Secustos a universal reader family for almost any form of access control. The ability to update firmware or make configuration changes in the field at any time allows you to remain flexible and save costs. The flexible mounting solutions are a further highlight of the product family, as Secustos comes with field-proven cable connection technology and additional accessories, like a mounting frame in the same color and design, which enables a perfect and smooth integration, either in a flush-mounted box or on the wall.

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Your advantages at a glance

Two RFID frequencies (125 kHz/13.56 MHz), NFC and BLE

Water and dust protection thanks to IP65 potted housing

Support LEGIC Connect thanks to LEGIC SM-6300 frontend chip

Product features

Product features

Enhanced interfaces/protocols and appealing flat design with premium look and feel for easy installation with in-wall flush-mount boxes or on-wall mounting frame

Available with or without keypad, in two different premium colors

Possibility to read more than 60 RFID technologies

Encryption with OSDP, proximity sensor and tamper switch ensure a high level of security

Firmware update in the field is possible at any time, also via OSDP

Mobile app available for device parameter configuration via contactless NFC

About the Secustos reader family

About the Secustos reader family

Secustos is a design-oriented multi-technology reader family. These readers for physical access applications are among the flattest devices on the market. They support up-to-date interfaces and protocols, like RS-485 and OSDP, but also Wiegand. The IP65 protected housing is made of high-class materials that confer the readers a unique look and feel. All readers support a broad range of HF and LF contactless technologies. Many mobile use cases can be facilitated with their NFC and BLE functions, like authentication and data communication.

Pictures & Videos

Pictures & Videos

sesamsec Secustos reader black and white with and without keypad
sesamsec Secustos reader white without keypad
sesamsec Secustos reader white with keypad
sesamsec Secustos reader black without keypad
sesamsec Secustos reader black with keypad
Secustos reader smartphone, keyfob, RFID card
sesamsec Secustos reader with on-wall mounting frame
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Order codes

Order codes

Secustos reader w/o keypad, white
Secustos reader w/o keypad, gray
Secustos reader with keypad, white
Secustos reader with keypad, gray
Secustos reader w/o keypad, white (for USA/Canada only)
Secustos reader w/o keypad, gray (for USA/Canada only)
Secustos reader with keypad, white (for USA/Canada only)
Secustos reader with keypad, gray (for USA/Canada only)

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