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Customized access control solutions that grow with your requirements.

"As complex as necessary, as simple as possible." This is how one could formulate the requirements for contemporary access control solutions. Why? Because the access control technology must take many parameters into account, such as reliable protection at all times and seamless communication with adjacent systems. On the other hand, end-users want things to be as simple as possible. Without limits. Without barriers. Without a lot of thinking. We find the balance between these requirements and combine the best of both worlds in our solutions.

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The importance of electronic access control Security and efficiency in a wide range of application scenarios

Today, access control systems are essential to protect assets and employees and to protect personal and business data from unauthorized access. This is the basis for productivity to flourish. The requirements for access control vary greatly and the complexity also differs from application scenario to application scenario. The following criteria play a role in selecting the appropriate solution.

Sensitivity of data/areas

Particularly high security requirements apply in sensitive environments such as government agencies, hospitals, research institutions, or airports.

Number of users

Are there many or few people to be involved in the system?

Levels of authorization

Should authorization be one-time, time-limited or permanent? Are there buildings, floors, areas or individual rooms that should only be accessible to selected users (groups)?

User types

There can be different types of users, such as employees, visitors or service providers, who can be treated differently in terms of access.

Individual access solutions for different requirements

The more aspects are involved and the greater their importance, the higher the demands on the access solution. Where, exactly, access is controlled is very individual. It can be the barrier to the company premises, the door opener on the building, the turnstile in the foyer or a access system integrated directly in the elevator. Wherever the separation takes place, one concern is central: end-to-end security. Of course, all this should only happen in the background. The less users are aware of the authorization process, the more pleasant the experience. Here, sesamsec offers a wealth of solutions, from card systems to convenient authorization via smartphone.

Are you sure everything is secure?

Whether at a private company or a public institution, productivity can only develop and smooth operations can only be ensured in a protected space. We make sure that only authorized persons and groups enter and leave your premises with a customized solution that addresses your exact needs. Is that efficient? Certainly. Does it keep you open to future developments? Sure.

You want access control that is as secure as it is user-friendly?

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The flexible access control system.

Access control systems from sesamsec are in use all over the world. Hotel guests use them to open the doors to their dream suite. Employees start a productive day with our systems. For students, we open up a world of knowledge. Every user associates a different experience with our solutions. For you as an operator, on the other hand, one issue is paramount: 100% security and control, at all times. For this purpose, sesamsec offers a unique solution package consisting of product, software and service, which is tailored to the respective area of application. Nevertheless, you remain flexible. If requirements change, our systems simply change with them.

Zutrittskontrollsystem aus einer Hand

With sesamsec, all components for your access control system from a single source

By the way, sesamsec saves you the tedious search for different partners for your access control system. We offer all access control components from a single source, of course, only if you want it that way:

You don't need to worry about interfaces, either. Our solutions fit seamlessly into the higher-level system landscape and contribute to smooth overall operation.

The first step is always an in-depth consultation. We familiarize ourselves with your situation, point out possible courses of action, and jointly define the right course of action. During implementation, we are reliable, on time and always personally available to you. And afterward? Our support comes into play. Whether on site, on the phone or via remote maintenance. We are your power behind the scenes, taking care of flawless operation. Around the clock? Certainly. In a way that is understood? For sure. Efficiently? Absolutely. Routine tasks such as software updates can usually be carried out conveniently via remote maintenance, so that users don't notice a thing and everything continues to run as normal.

Scalable and future-proof access control

With a customized solution from sesamsec, you are ideally positioned for today's developments and also for those of the future. Our broad spectrum—from single-door solutions to IP-networked access control systems—offers very good scalability. This means that if you want to develop further and one day need a little more, you are already well prepared. The modular design of our system components also offers flexibility in the scope of our products.

Your employees, customers and guests will be thrilled by the ease-of-use sesamsec offers. With modern technologies, you save on complicated PIN numbers or bulky keys and offer a convenient access experience from the very first second. And you? You can rest easy when it comes to security in the future. Your new access control solution ensures that your buildings or rooms are guaranteed not to welcome any uninvited visitors. Your sensitive employee and company data are also effectively protected against espionage and misuse.

Another advantage lies in the possible all-in-one solutions. Access control can be combined with all the applications required in your company—from time and attendance to building management systems and intrusion detection systems—to create a complete solution on the company ID card.

Modernization with sesamsec

You have just moved into a new company building or office, and there is already an authentication solution in place? Even then, you should play it safe with sesamsec. Our open, versatile solutions can be integrated into virtually any environment. In addition, they offer a functional upgrade compared to an aging legacy solution. If you're going to modernize, why not do it with contactless technology? It's more convenient and also more hygienic. During a pandemic, this is a strong plus.

Which technology is your first choice?

You know: when it comes to security, action is needed! But which technology to rely on? Talk to us. We offer a wide variety of solutions, including biometrics, RFID, BLE, NFC, keypads or video authentication. From proven off-the-shelf products to customized solutions, everything is possible. This is the advantage of maintaining our own development and manufacturing. We also offer numerous shapes and colors, including extremely robust solutions or those in customized designs for a coherent overall appearance.

Let's find out together what suits your application best!

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From a simple office to a complex, multi-site system


From the modern production plant to the multi-layered warehouse complex


Universities, colleges, and campus facilities of all kinds


Solutions for guests & visitors of large events, trade fairs, hotels, meeting venues and more

Public service

Maximum security for sensitive facilities: e.g., government, armed forces, police


Access control in the field of mobility: e.g., at the airport, on trains or on ships


Differentiated access solutions: e.g., in hospitals, clinics and care facilities

Research facilities

Sensitive solutions for institutes, laboratories, etc.

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