Embracing Progress: End-of-Life Products

Discover the discontinued products that have shaped our past and paved the way for a brighter future

This page is dedicated to providing you with the necessary information about our end-of-life products. Here, you have the convenience of downloading the product discontinuation notifications, ensuring you are well-informed about the changes and making it easier to plan your future technology needs. We are committed to supporting you during this transition and helping you explore alternative solutions from our current product offerings.

Do you have questions about our legacy products?

Product PDN No. Version Date Download
Multifrequency Reader 1 + 2 PDN-230329-01 06/01/2023 PDF | 274.67 KB
HFS EM4200 Siedle Vario 611 PDN-230413-01 06/01/2023 PDF | 276.21 KB
HMD Mifare Siedle Vario 611 PDN-230404-01 06/01/2023 PDF | 274.99 KB
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