PAC as a service

Secure & flexible. Access control solutions from the cloud.

SaaS (Software as a Service) is becoming increasingly popular. In many areas, lean, agile subscription models are displacing local software solutions. This is also true in the area of access control. Cloud-based models offer more flexibility, proven reliability and many opportunities for the future due to their scalability. With sesamsec, you can count on an innovative partner that supports your business, even in changing times. You do not have to invest a large amount all at once but can pay manageable monthly installments for use. This means you remain financially flexible and can start right away with your PAC-as-a-service solution!

Is this exactly what you need?

How does cloud-based access software work? Stream applications instead of running them locally.

With "as-a-service" models, all the necessary components to operate your access control solution are provided via the cloud. This means you don't have to worry about servers, software or storage space, you don't have to host anything, and you don't have to worry about updates to keep your software running reliably. All this is taken care of by sesamsec. In addition, there are no acquisition costs for proprietary software. You simply pay your monthly application deployment fee and are free to choose which components your package should include. What you always get is location-independent access to your software and data, detailed product documentation, and support to the exact extent that is important to you.

Why PAC as a service? Well prepared for the future.

"Physical Access Control as a Service" (PAC aaS): The term sounds complicated, but in fact, it is simple. With the subscription model, you enjoy many freedoms that you don't have with a proprietary solution. You don't have to spend a lot of time on commissioning, configuration, etc. Instead, access your solution with a click after signing the contract. sesamsec takes care of the rest: e.g., regular updates, remote maintenance and repairs, and much more. If your requirements change, your solution grows with you; you simply add modules, components and functions. On a business level, a SaaS solution supports you quickly and easily during transformation and in times of dynamic growth. Without tying up capital. But with fair and transparent monthly rates.

For whom is PAC as a Service worthwhile? Perfect for those who like to stay flexible.

You've already heard a lot about SaaS. Maybe you’re already using it successfully in other business areas (e.g., for your office software) and are now thinking about getting your access control from the cloud as well. PAC as a Service is ideal if you want: 

  • Infrastructure, platforms and software that you do not have to buy and operate yourself.
  • Low capital commitment so you can retain financial leeway.
  • An access system that doesn’t tie up personnel resources for operation.
  • A solution that develops dynamically with your business.
  • Technology that is always up to date.
  • A system that is stable and secure—without you having to worry.

Your advantages with PAC as a service from sesamsec

Technology from the pioneer

sesamsec stands for market-ready innovation and insight into the needs of customers and markets.

Intelligently integrated

Our cloud-based PAC adapts to your environment and processes with a seamless interface connection.

Individually configured

Access management as required by your business processes, your visitor management, your workflows. 100% tailored to you.

Ready for use immediately

Simply subscribe and use according to the “Plug & Play” principle. No time-consuming installation. Preconfigured elements simplify the processes.

Sustainably designed

PAC as a Service supports you with energy-efficient technologies and hardware take-back—also with meeting your ESG criteria.

Always up to date

Automatic, remote software updates ensure high operational reliability. Potential weak points are identified and eliminated at an early stage.


We support your Smart Office or Smart Building via suitable interfaces; e.g., for visitor management, building automation, parking, room booking and much more.

Low capital commitment

No high investment costs; you pay monthly installments for a package that contains exactly what you need ("pay as you use").

Complete flexibility

New sites, users, features or services can be easily added. You can scale your solution up or down as needed.

Security that grows with you

Cloud solutions make it easier to implement increased security requirements more quickly—without tying up personnel resources in-house.

Easy work processes

Predefined workflows and an intuitive user interface help to process standard tasks quickly and securely. This allows internal resources to be used for more valuable tasks.

PAC as a Service. Tackle what matters to you. These are the issues you'll solve better in the future, thanks to cloud-based access control.

Manage complexity better.

With clear dashboards, you always keep an eye on the essentials. You can assign access rights according to your policies and quickly get to required information via simple navigation. Wizards for recurring tasks (e.g., creating new users) guide your team step by step through the process. This minimizes sources of error and allows routine jobs to be completed more quickly, so your team can get back to more important things. The simple user guidance ensures a quick sense of achievement. Thanks to the optimal user experience, the new solution is more quickly accepted by your employees. You don't have to keep learning the "logic of the system." Everything happens intuitively and effortlessly.

Know your security status at all times.

With PAC as a Service, you can see the status of your system in real time. Malfunctions or errors can be detected and corrected at an early stage and at best even avoided. All access control components and connected peripherals can also be monitored remotely. Should a malfunction or failure occur, all relevant data is made available in order to be able to act adequately: e.g., type and time of the malfunction, location, and affected device, as well as further details. If desired, the information can be transferred to a ticketing system or forwarded directly to the service provider or facility management. This enables a quick response when needed to ensure optimal availability and a pleasant user experience.

Software. Hardware. Centrally managed and monitored.

We enable lean, centralized management of all sesamsec components and connected peripherals: e.g., door controllers and readers used in the company. Their status is permanently monitored so that defective devices are immediately identified and replaced. Software updates are also installed centrally, so there is no additional work for you.

Perfectly integrated into your system landscape and processes.

For special functions or custom integrations, PAC as a Service provides APIs such as REST or SOAP. Additional connections (e.g., to visitor management or room booking) are also possible. Your PACaaS takes over master data automatically, so data is not stored twice or three times. Updates to the data are also transferred, and so are the stored authorizations. So, your data remains consistent, and you keep everything under control.

Three attractive packages. Endless possibilities.

Whether just the software for your access control or conveniently everything from a single source: with sesamsec, you have the choice. The minimum contract period for all packages is one year, after which you can cancel flexibly every month. Or book an upgrade. Or a downgrade. Only your needs decide!

Here is an overview of our packages:

PAC aaS Basic

The ideal entry into cloud-based access control. With all the standard tools you need for access management. Optionally available: individual hardware package, Professional Services according to your requirements.

PAC aaS Professional

The convenient solution with enhanced functions for even greater efficiency and better workflows. Optionally available: individual hardware package, Professional Services according to your requirements.

PAC aaS Enterprise

The full-service solution for large companies and/or complex requirements. Ideal if you need to manage access rights and processes for many different user groups. With numerous extras, personal support and more. Optionally available: individual hardware package, Professional Services according to your requirements.

Optional hardware. Everything from a single source & perfectly aligned.

Extend your package with the appropriate hardware. With this added option, sesamsec provides not only the software but also the complete infrastructure, including hardware (i.e., door controllers, power supplies, readers and other components). We develop an individual offer that covers exactly your needs.

Our service partners, or yours if you wish, take care of the management of all system components such as application, hardware, communication, controller and reader. Depending on the selected service level, we take on additional services and take care of restoring functionality in the event of failures.

This all-around carefree package is our recommendation to guarantee an optimal interaction of software and hardware components.

ESG-compliant. Environmentally responsible.

Intelligent resource management and the reduction of the carbon footprint are in demand in every company today. With the innovative PAC aaS, sesamsec makes a contribution to reliably achieving your sustainability goals.

  1. Sustainable device management: take-back included.
  2. Minimizing energy consumption through intelligent, energy-efficient products.
  3. Fewer cables, thanks to the use of innovative technologies.
  4. Use of sustainable materials in products (door controllers, readers).
  5. Data exchange and interaction with third-party systems (optimal use of resources through optimized alignment, e.g., in energy consumption and use of space).

Not quite sure yet if PAC aaS is right for you?

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