HMD Mifare Securyt

Reading unit with slim aluminum frame, plus keypad.

Quality runs in the family: with the 13.56 MHz Mifare reader unit. With user-friendly, capacitive keypad—for connection to all sesamsec controls and various intrusion detection and access control systems.

The HMD Mifare Securyt, with AES 128 bit encryption and Mifare DESFire EV2 transponders, is VdS approved. It also gives you the option of performing a firmware update in the field at any time. This keeps you flexible and saves you money. Because our products grow with your needs—and thus fit into any of your authentication setups in the future.

Also included in the package: a security card that protects against unauthorized access.

Wind, weather, dirt, cleaning agents or disinfectants—all no problem for the high-quality surface of the reader. Because it consists of a robust toughened safety glass (ESG), with user-friendly, capacitive keypad and integrated RFID reader. The illumination of the keypad is controlled by input and twilight sensors—either during immediate operation only or in  continuous operation. The connection runs via a plug strip or a VdS-compliant, completely encapsulated, 4-meter long connection cable. The keypad is protected by a discreet, slim aluminum frame. Choose between many appealing designs and colors. We are guaranteed to have the product that fits perfectly with the environment and your corporate identity. Special requests can also be realized. Just contact us.


The right product for you?

Your advantages at a glance

Top quality: made in Germany

Optimal integration capability

Many, appealing designs—up to special designs

Product features

Product features

High-quality toughened safety glass (ESG) surface with capacitive keypad and integrated RFID reader

Preconfigured interfaces: sesamsec/comlock, RS485 and Clock-Data/Wiegand

Firmware update in the field is possible at any time

Reading method with 13.56 MHz

Encryption by AES 128 bit with Mifare DESFire transponders

Signaling works optically with duo LED (red/green) as well as acoustically

Connection via connector strip or Vds-compliant, completely encapsulated 4-meter cable

Control of the illuminated keypad via input or twilight sensor

Product family

13.56 MHz Mifare reader units About the 13.56 MHz Mifare family

The 13.56 MHz Mifare readers are part of the HMD generation, 100% made in Germany! They read all Mifare as well as ISO 14443-A transponders: Mifare Classic, Mifare Mini, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Desfire and Legic Advant. What they have in common is that they work with optional 128-bit AES encryption in conjunction with Mifare DESFire EV2 transponders. This means that they meet the highest security requirements. In addition, the majority of these readers—depending on the design—are VdS Class C approved.

The 128-bit AES encryption of the reader can be activated using the enclosed security card, the  "ReaderSecurityCard." Please note that only Mifare DESFire transponders encoded by sesamsec can be read in the encrypting VdS operating mode.

Do you have questions about possible encryption methods? Our support team will be happy to help you with words and deeds. Promptly and at any time!

Encrypting VdS operating mode in conjunction with Telenot

Important for you to know: If a Mifare HMD reader is operated on a Telenot complex or hiplex control panel, the reader automatically detects this after being switched on. In this case, the encryption of the reader is not switched on or off via the security card, but the system key is administered via the Telenot system and sent to the reader via the comlock interface. Thus, only Mifare DESFire transponders that have been encoded to the respective system via the Telenot system are read in the encrypting operating mode.

Please keep this in mind when selecting your product.

Pictures & Videos

Pictures & Videos

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Downloads Connection options

Connection options for HMD Mifare Securyt with keypad and narrow frame

With our HMD Mifare reader units, you always remain flexible. This is ensured by several standard interfaces that are pre-installed. This means they always integrate perfectly into your existing intrusion detection and access control systems. For more detailed information on connection options, please contact our competent sales team.

sesamsec and comlock


Clock Data/Wiegand

Part numbers

Part numbers

We want your reader to fit perfectly into your existing system landscape. Do you have any questions on this topic? Our sales team is always ready to provide you with competent support.

The firmware installed during production determines which interface and which required protocol the individual reader uses and thus which system it can be operated on. Therefore, please pay attention to the correct article number when ordering. It is also possible to update the firmware of the reader and thus, among other things, the interface used in the field. This is possible via the RS485 interface of the reader with an associated PC tool after the reader has been set to configuration mode using the RSC security card.
An explanation about the composition of the part numbers can be found on this page in the "Downloads" section.

HMD Mifare Securyt, frame powder coated white with plug connection
HMD Mifare Securyt, frame anodized silver with plug connector
HMD Mifare Securyt, frame powder coated white with 4m cable, VdS
HMD Mifare Securyt, frame anodized silver with 4m cable, VdS

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