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Different reader interfaces

Communication is everything. Not only between people, but also between systems and their components. Only when these are fully integrated does everything run smoothly. That's why multiple interfaces are so important. With us, you can network and control several locations and buildings via TCP/IP in a very flexible way. Different types of readers can also be integrated into one system. The appropriate control system is dependent on the type and number of readers. A major advantage is that our control systems not only work with sesamsec readers (via comlock) but also in combination with third-party devices. The following interfaces are available for reader units: Clock-Data, Wiegand, OSDP RS485.


Modular range of functions

Our controls offer a wide range of functions that can be individually adapted to your needs.  The exact range of functions depends on the parameters and configuration of the software and, of course, on the selected control. To give some examples: you can set the arming/disarming according to your own wishes, choose between different time models and as many time zones as you like, and create an event log. Good to know: our controls are approved by VdS as switching devices and, in the case of ISE-NET and ISE+, also as Class C access control hubs.

With and without housing

Depending on the customer's requirements, you can order our controllers with or without housing, whereby the sheet steel housing is secured by cover contact. Especially for installation in control cabinets, we also offer top-hat rail mounting.


We offer you our controls either as local software or as software-as-a-service, managed in the cloud. With an app, you have access to the management of your control at any time. In addition, our solutions are network-compatible: i.e., up to 63 ISE+ can be networked via RS485 and programmed centrally via PC.

Power supply

The power supply is available from 12V over 24V to 230V.

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