Filter criteria for cylinder systems

Application diversity

We have the right cylinder system in stock for every conceivable application and for projects of any size and complexity. No door leaf wiring is required, so installation is efficient. As always with sesamsec, we have already thought of networking and integration. VdS versions with drilling protection, weather protection and for use in anti-panic locks are also available.


For special security requirements (e.g., drilling protection), systems with VdS approval are the best choice. Otherwise, you can also use the standard cylinder.

The variant with weather protection is the first choice if you want to install your cylinder system outdoors. Then you’re ready for whatever may come—rain, snow or hail. Typically, house entry doors, balcony and terrace doors, or garden gates are equipped with a weather-protected version.

Doors with self-locking locks have the advantage that they are always locked (bolted). The anti-panic function of the cylinders nevertheless ensures that the door can be opened from the inside at any time. Simply operate the door handle. Done. This is particularly important in the event of fire or danger.

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