sesamsec SecoTool simplifies access system configuration

Merching, January 05, 2024 – sesamsec, a leading provider of integrated access control solutions, has updated their powerful RFID reader software. SecoTool gives installers, integrators and end users unprecedented control over access system configuration with easy cloud-based tools and mobile apps.

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The sesamsec SecoTool is a smart, cloud-based configuration tool for sesamsec’s Secustos RFID readers. The reader software allows partners and clients to customize their reader configuration, including supported transponder technologies, communication protocols, encryption, output formats and user feedback options. With the new software release, users now have even more options and features to support authentication and access in the digital age.

“sesamsec gives our partners and clients total control over their access systems,” says Carsten Hoersch, Managing Director, sesamsec GmbH. “SecoTool was designed to simplify reader configuration, so you don’t have to be a programmer to customize your system. Firmware configuration can be accomplished in just a few clicks.”

The SecoTool cloud interface enables secure remote configuration and updates of installed readers for a “future-proof” access solution. Remote configuration reduces the time and costs associated with access system maintenance by eliminating the need for on-site technicians for reconfiguration and updates. Integrators or access system owners can update firmware, apply security patches, and reconfigure installed readers to change or add supported transponder technologies through a secure cloud connection. Access system managers can also configure and control their readers via an Android device using the Seco App mobile application.

Recent software upgrades for SecoTool include support for newer mobile transponder technologies for Apple and Android, including Wavelynx Mobile for iOS and MIFARE 2GO for Android. The new software also supports the Apple ECP 2.0 standard, which provides increased security for access applications. The update enhances functionality for some mobile technologies already supported by Secustos readers, including Indala® and EM4305. New diagnostic functionality has also been added to make it easier to troubleshoot, adapt and optimize readers.

SecoTool is available now and can be used with all Secustos readers from sesamsec. Sesamsec customers and partners can request the software download at sesamsec has also created a series of tutorials to help customers get started with the software.

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