Readers for RFID-based
access control

Current technology increases security and user acceptance

Systems for access control and intrusion detection based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) are used in numerous public or commercial buildings. RFID readers are a central component of these systems. Reader technology makes a decisive contribution to how secure, user-friendly and flexible the system is. In order to make a sustainable investment decision, a number of aspects must therefore be taken into account when selecting the devices.

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Contactless applications based on RFID have established themselves in both intrusion detection technology and access applications to protect assets and people. Intrusion detection systems are armed and disarmed via RFID readers using transponders, for example, in the form of an employee ID card. At doors, access is enabled in the same way, and the user is authenticated in both cases. To ensure that the systems perform their function reliably over the long term and gain user acceptance, the readers selected should combine security with convenience and offer a high degree of flexibility.

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