Our controls: Bundled power.

For the perfect integration of various safety systems.

Control all aspects that contribute to your building security with one central system. Powerful controls from sesamsec make it possible. You not only control your access control system but also, for example, the burglar alarm system—with just one device. VdS recognition is your guarantee that the highest security standards are met. Networking across several buildings and locations can also be realized with our diverse interfaces. You also benefit from many customizable parameters, such as time and calendar functions. With an IP interface for configuration and data synchronization, you always stay up to date.

Our sales professionals can explain how to stay flexible with your sesamsec control solution and integrate all functionalities in one device. They are also familiar with complex special requirements.

Steer with us into tomorrow!

Controls play a major role in determining the functionality and security of your access solution—and also of other systems, if you wish. With sesamsec, you retain full control at all times and can always adapt your system to the circumstances. You remain flexible and are already prepared for the future, thanks to the openness of sesamsec controls. Our professionals will explain to you exactly what this could look like in your environment—in an understandable way and with an open ear for all your concerns!

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